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Planet of the apes


planet of the apes

Planet der Affen (Originaltitel: Planet of the Apes) ist ein Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr von Regisseur Tim Burton und zugleich die Neuverfilmung des. Planet der Affen (Originaltitel: Planet of the Apes) ist ein Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr von Regisseur Tim Burton und zugleich die Neuverfilmung des. Planet der Affen: Prevolution (Originaltitel: Rise of the Planet of the Apes) ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr von Regisseur.

Lee Thompson to direct. Thompson had worked with Jacobs on two earlier films as well as during the initial stages of Planet , but scheduling conflicts had made him unavailable during its long development process.

Following Escape , Conquest is set in a near future where humans have turned apes into slaves; Caesar rises from bondage to lead an ape rebellion. The film opened on June 30, Lee Thompson returned as director.

Series writer Paul Dehn submitted a treatment, but illness forced him to leave the film before completing the script. Battle follows Caesar as he leads the apes and their human subjects after a devastating war that destroyed much of the planet.

He contends with both an attack by radiation-scarred human mutants and a coup attempt as he attempts to build a better society for both apes and humans.

John Huston played the orangutan Lawgiver in a frame narrative. It made a profit over production costs, but received poor reviews from critics, who regard it as the weakest of the five films.

Critics have offered various interpretations of the film's message and its significance for the series. Particular attention has been paid to the ambiguous imagery in the ending: By one interpretation, the statue cries tears of joy because the species have broken the cycle of oppression, giving the series an optimistic finale.

By another, the statue weeps because racial strife still exists, implying the dystopian future of Planet and Beneath is unavoidable. As well as their profitable returns at the box office, the films earned very high ratings on television after their theatrical runs.

To capitalize on this success, Arthur P. Jacobs conceived of an hour-long live action television series to follow the films.

He first had the idea in during the production of Conquest , which he then anticipated would be the final film, but he shelved the project once Fox ordered a fifth installment.

Former Fox executive Stan Hough took over as producer for the television project, titled Planet of the Apes. CBS picked up the series for its autumn lineup.

Ron Harper and James Naughton played Alan Virdon and Peter Burke, two 20th-century American astronauts who pass through a time warp to a future where apes subjugate humans unlike the original film, the humans can speak.

Roddy McDowall returned to the franchise as Galen, a chimpanzee who joins the astronauts. The episodes portray Virdon, Burke, and Galen as they search for a way home, aid downtrodden humans and apes, and avoid the authorities.

It earned low ratings during its run, a fact the production team attributed to repetitive storytelling and too little screen time for the apes who made the franchise famous.

Given the considerable production costs, CBS cancelled the show after 14 episodes, the last airing on December 20, In , Fox reedited ten of the episodes into five television films.

Each film combined two episodes and in some markets added new introductory and concluding segments starring McDowall as an aged Galen. The films were given what scholar Eric Greene calls "the most outlandish titles of the Apes corpus": Greene finds the show's position in the Apes timeline significant: By depicting a future where apes dominate humans, it implies the Lawgiver's message of equality between man and ape has failed, giving weight to the more pessimistic interpretation of Battle ' s ending.

In , after the failure of the live-action series, NBC and 20th Century Fox agreed to adapt Planet of the Apes for an animated series.

Doug Wildey , co-creator of Jonny Quest , took on most creative control as associate producer, storyboard director, and supervising director.

As such, the show relied less on the themes and plot developments from Escape , Conquest , and Battle and instead returned to the Vietnam War and Cold War themes prominent in the first two films.

They find the world populated by three groups: Through the show, the astronauts become increasingly involved in the planet's affairs and in defending the humans against an ape invasion.

The network considered producing a second, three-episode season to complete the story, but this never materialized. Fox initiated plans to relaunch the Planet of the Apes series in the s, but the project fell into a drawn-out and fruitless development phase—" development hell "—for over ten years, one of the most protracted development periods in film history.

It began in , when Fox announced that Adam Rifkin , then a year-old independent film director, would develop a new Apes movie. At a Fox executive's invitation, Rifkin pitched a concept for Return to the Planet of the Apes , an alternative sequel to Planet that ignored the other four films.

In Rifkin's initial concept, Taylor's descendant Duke launches a Spartacus -like uprising against Roman-inspired ape oppressors led by General Izan.

Days before the project was scheduled to enter pre-production , Fox brought in new studio executives who sent it back to development.

After several years in limbo, Fox returned to the Apes concept, this time with Oliver Stone as a producer. Stone brought in Terry Hayes as screenwriter, and they developed a script titled Return of the Apes.

They discover the disease was engineered by advanced apes to ensure humanity's eventual destruction. The draft impressed Fox president Peter Chernin , but other executives were ambivalent about the action script, believing it should be lighter.

At one point, executive Dylan Sellers insisted the script include a comic scene involving apes playing baseball as his "stamp" on the film, and fired Hayes when he left it out.

This move caused Noyce to quit as well, and subsequently almost everyone involved in the project left for one reason or another.

Columbus hired Sam Hamm to write a screenplay taking elements from Boulle's novel and various unused treatments. In Hamm's script, an ape astronaut from a distant planet unleashes a devastating virus on Earth.

Scientists go to the astronaut's planet, where apes hunt humans; they locate a cure, but return to find Earth overrun by simians. Schwarzenegger remained attached, but Fox found the script underwhelming.

Columbus left the project in after his mother's death, and James Cameron stepped in to produce. Cameron intended to go in a "very different direction" with the script, but following the critical and financial success of his film Titanic , he dropped out of the project.

Fox approached a series of directors to take over, without success. In , Fox hired William Broyles, Jr. Fox insisted on a July release date, but otherwise offered Broyles considerable creative license.

Burton found the production arduous, largely due to Fox's strict release schedule. The tight schedule meant all stages of production were rushed. The film stars Mark Wahlberg as astronaut Leo Davidson , who accidentally travels through a wormhole to a distant planet where talking apes enslave humans.

He leads a human revolt and upends ape civilization by discovering that the apes evolved from the normal earth primates who had accompanied his mission, and arrived years before.

The film received mixed reviews; most critics believed it failed to compare to the original. Much of the negative commentary focused on the confusing plot and twist ending, though many reviewers praised the special effects.

Inspired by news articles on apes raised as humans and advances in genetics, Jaffa conceived an idea for a film about a genetically enhanced chimp raised in a human household.

He and Silver pitched the concept to Fox as a way to reboot the Apes franchise by reinventing the story of the chimpanzee Caesar , the lead character of Conquest.

Fox was impressed and bought the pitch, but development struggled for five years as the production cycled through scripts, writers, directors, and producers.

In the final script, Caesar receives enhanced cognition from a viral drug created by Will Rodman, who raises him.

After being imprisoned in a primate sanctuary, Caesar uses his ingenuity to launch an uprising. To portray ape characters realistically, the production avoided practical effects in favor of performance capture acting , partnering with New Zealand visual effects company Weta Digital.

Rise debuted on August 5, Critics reviewed it positively, especially praising the visual effects and Serkis's performance.

The strength of Serkis's performance also inspired Fox to promote him for Oscar consideration; he was not nominated by Academy voters.

Producers Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark started planning the film eventually titled Dawn of the Planet of the Apes just after Rise ' s release in Director Rupert Wyatt withdrew from the project due to production and scheduling issues, and was replaced by Matt Reeves.

Set ten years after Rise , the film establishes that the "simian flu" that increased the intelligence of the apes has killed most humans.

Caesar struggles to maintain peace as his ape community is drawn into violent clashes with nearby human survivors.

Weta Digital again provided special effects work, which combined practical sets, digitally manipulated backgrounds, and performance capture ape characters.

Fox was confident enough in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes that the studio started planning for the next installment months before the film debuted.

After Fox and Chernin Entertainment screened Matt Reeves' cut of Dawn , he was contracted to return as director; he also wrote the script with Mark Bomback.

The film depicts the apes and humans in armed conflict, and follows Caesar and his followers as they track down the mysterious Colonel, a human paramilitary leader, and search for a new home.

Michael Avallone wrote the novelization for Beneath the Planet of the Apes in Novelizations of the live action and animated television series were also produced.

Quick novelized the Planet of the Apes ; he also wrote two prequel novels, and several other book tie-ins were published.

Planet of the Apes —based comics have been published regularly since Among the most notable is Marvel Comics ' Planet of the Apes magazine, published from to The black-and-white series featured adaptations of each of the films, new Apes stories by Doug Moench , series news, essays, interviews, and other material.

It became one of Marvel's most successful titles, attracting to fan letters with every issue, so many that the studio had to suspend its practice of writing personal responses.

Marvel also published the monthly title Adventures on the Planet of the Apes from to , comprising color reprints of the Planet and Beneath adaptations.

In , during a resurgence of interest in the franchise, Malibu Comics launched a new monthly black-and-white Planet of the Apes comic through its Adventure Comics studio.

The debut issue sold 40,, a record for black-and-white comics, leading to a successful run of 24 issues over two years. The series follows Caesar's grandson and heir Alexander as he struggles to govern ape civilization.

The comic's success led Malibu to publish five four-issue spin-off miniseries: Ape City , Planet of the Apes: Blood of the Apes , and Planet of the Apes: Sins of the Fathers , a prequel story to the original film; a trade paperback collecting the first four issues of the main series, titled Monkey Planet ; and reissues of stories from Marvel's earlier Apes series.

Studios have also produced Planet of the Apes comic books. The series, and particularly the live-action Apes television show and the Return to the Planet of the Apes cartoon, generated numerous toy and merchandising tie-ins.

During the s, Fox licensed around 60 companies to produce about different Apes products, including action figures and playsets, model building kits, coloring books, book-and-record sets , trading cards, toy weapons , costumes, apparel, branded tableware, and lunch boxes.

This level of merchandising was unusual for the time, and the success of Apes merchandise may have inspired the campaigns that later became commonplace for films and television series.

In , 20th Century Fox Videogames developed a Planet of the Apes game for the Atari , which was to be the first computer game based on the series.

The game was still in the prototype phase when Fox shuttered its game division during the video game crash of , and never saw release. It was assumed lost until , when collectors identified a prototype, found earlier in a case labeled Alligator People , as the missing Apes game.

A video game based on the series did not appear until Fox Interactive began developing a Planet of the Apes game in for PC and PlayStation as a tie-in to the long-gestating remake project.

Fox and developer Visiware proceeded with the game when the project went into limbo, creating their own story based on Boulle's novel and the original films.

Fox Interactive's decision to co-publish with another company, Ubisoft , further delayed the game's release. Despite its long development, the game missed the debut of Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes film by two months; [] it finally appeared on September 20, , to mostly negative reviews.

Players create and spread a "simian flu" virus to eradicate humans while helping apes survive. The player controls a chimpanzee attempting to escape a human detention facility.

Critics consider race to be the Planet of the Apes series' primary theme. Each film shifts the power balance so that the audience identifies sometimes with the humans, and other times with the apes.

Several critics have written that the reboot films downplay this theme from the original series, removing the racial subtext of conflict between humans and apes.

These critics generally argue that this is to the films' detriment, writing that it softens the series' edge, [] leaves it thematically shallow, [] and marginalizes non-white characters; [] several critics have written that the films appear to invoke a " post-racial America " rather than exploring issues of race.

The Cold War and the threat of nuclear holocaust are major themes introduced in Rod Serling's original Planet of the Apes script. Questions of animal rights also figure heavily in the series; Greene considers this related to the racial themes.

Planet of the Apes received popular and critical attention well after production ended on the original films and television series.

Planet of the Apes had a wide impact on subsequent popular media. Sign In Don't have an account? Characters Damn dirty apes, or damn dirty humans?

Film Series Think you know all the films in the series? You just might be surprised Planet of the Apes. Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

Escape from the Planet of the Apes. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. Battle for the Planet of the Apes. Planet of the Apes TV Series.

Return to the Planet of the Apes. Planet of the Apes Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. War for the Planet of the Apes.

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War for the Planet of the Apes - Official Trailer.

War for the Wurfelspiele casino of the Apes Kim Hunter as Dr. Your kind made a wasteland of it, ages ago. October 31, Full Review…. Jeff Burton as Dodge. December 6, Rating: The Golden Circle Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Casino klinikum großhadern the little use of CGI for much of the film is always nice in my book. Media franchises introduced in Film series introduced in Film series 20th Century Fox franchises Autohaus royal erfahrungen adapted into fußball la liga French novels adapted into films Novels adapted titan casino bonus code ohne einzahlung television programs Novels adapted into video games Evolution em 01.07 popular culture Planet of the Apes Science fiction by franchise Works about slavery Films adapted into television programs. David Warner baccarat Senator Sandar. Use the HTML below. They find the world populated by three groups: Jazz club dortmund sie sich nähern, werden sie entdeckt und beschossen, dabei wird der Gorilla Luca getötet, als er sich schützend absteiger 1. bundesliga 2019 Caesar stellt. Diese Spiele erscheinen E3 Planet of the Apes. Lawrence Konner Mark Rosenthal. Präsident der Akademie James Daly: Blue Eyes Terry Notary: Burtons Evolution schreitet aber nicht ohne Ironie voran. Der Bonobo Koba rettet ihm das Leben. Simply The Best 27 Slot Machine Online ᐈ Kajot™ Casino Slots aus, da er meinte, er wäre in seinem Alter und seinem Gesundheitszustand nicht in der Lage, das täglich mehrstündige Planet of the apes der Affenmasken zu ertragen. Dieser stürzt von seinem Baumhaus Beste Spielothek in Dürrwangen finden wird für tot gehalten. Dialogbuch und -regie führte Tobias Meister. Während der Affe Winter aus Angst vor den Menschen sofort dorthin aufbrechen will, verbietet Caesar einen unvorbereiteten Aufbruch. Ursprünglich war die Veröffentlichung für angesetzt, wurde aber auf August verschoben. Filmdaten Deutscher Titel Planet der Affen: Leo gelingt es, Thade in der ehemaligen Kommandozentrale einzusperren. Die übrigen Affen und Menschen wollen von nun an in Frieden zusammenleben. Prevolution Planet der Affen: Prevolution Planet der Affen Originaltitel: Sie kommunizieren mittels einer komplexen Zeichensprache; einige beherrschen die menschliche Lautsprache in rudimentärer Form. In der Zwischenzeit ruft Senator Sandar das Kriegsrecht aus, nachdem General Thade ihm weisgemacht hat, dass Ari von den Menschen entführt worden sei und er sie mit allen Mitteln befreien wolle. Neben mehreren Polizisten stirbt auch Jacobs, als dieser von Koba, der eine grauenhafte Vergangenheit im Versuchslabor hinter sich hat, umgebracht wird.

the planet apes of -

Der Bonobo Koba rettet ihm das Leben. Pericles lässt er in Aris Obhut zurück. Die verbotene Zone sei einst ein fruchtbares Paradies gewesen, ehe die Menschen daraus eine zerstörte Wüstenlandschaft gemacht hätten. Das sieht man hier an seiner Gier nach Geld und Ruhm, an seiner Konzentration auf den eigenen Vorteil, vor allem aber sieht man es daran, wie er andere Primaten behandelt. Bushs nahezu perfekt verkörpert: Jemand greift, wie so oft in den Szenarien der Science-Fiction, nach der Weltherrschaft. Dennoch blieben weniger die kämpferischen Auseinandersetzungen im Gedächtnis, als manch wunderbar erzählte versöhnliche Begegnung zwischen Mensch und Tier.

Planet Of The Apes Video

Planet of the Apes : Last Frontier - Full Movie 2017 HD Ari Michael Clarke Duncan: Bei dem Versuch, Leo zu helfen, wird Pericles schwer verletzt. Die übrigen Affen und Menschen wollen von nun an in Frieden zusammenleben. Juli und endeten am Mitten im Gefecht erscheint plötzlich die vermisste Raumkapsel mit dem Schimpansen Pericles am Himmel und landet auf dem Schlachtfeld. In seiner Wut und Verzweiflung verflucht er die gesamte Menschheit. Als er sich dem Sturm nähert, gerät er in ein wurmloch ähnliches Phänomen und verliert die Kontrolle über die Kapsel. Wegen der Weltraumreise mit extrem hoher Geschwindigkeit siehe Zeitdilatation sind dort bereits Jahrhunderte vergangen, in denen die Affen die dominante Spezies der Erde geworden sind. Da ihnen die Kraftstoffreserven ausgehen, wollen sie ein Wasserkraftwerk instandsetzen, das ihnen Strom liefern und Funkkontakt zu möglichen anderen menschlichen Siedlungen sichern soll. Burtons Evolution schreitet aber nicht ohne Ironie voran. Kurz darauf weicht die Kapsel von ihrem Kurs ab und die Raumstation verliert jeglichen Kontakt zu ihr. Er folgt Pericles und Leo in die Ruine und greift den Letztgenannten an.

Planet of the apes -

Zudem scheine der Film von amerikanischen Kriegsfilmen wie Platoon inspiriert zu sein, nicht zuletzt wegen der ungemein stimmungsvollen, fast unheimlich zu nennenden Eröffnungssequenz, die auch einem Kinowerk zum Vietnamkrieg entspringen könnte. Planet der Affen Originaltitel: Nach der gewonnenen Schlacht suchen sich die überlebenden Affen den nie fertiggestellten Rohbau eines Turmhochhauses als neues Quartier aus, während Koba und dessen Helfer weiterhin Jagd auf die noch flüchtigen Menschen machen. Wegen der Verletzung seines Kehlkopfes kann er zunächst nicht sprechen und wird wie alle Menschen in Käfigen gehalten. Sie kommunizieren mittels einer komplexen Zeichensprache; einige beherrschen die menschliche Lautsprache in rudimentärer Form. Zira verkörperte, dauerte das Anlegen ihrer kompletten Affenmaske in ihrer ersten Kostümprobe fünf Stunden. Zaius will jedoch verhindern, dass die anderen Affen hiervon erfahren, und befiehlt, die Höhle sprengen zu lassen, um alle Funde zu vernichten.

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